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“I have loved to participate in this program. I use the skills I’ve learned every day when managing my energy. Before the program, I didn’t know how to process energy when dealing with other people and how to think. Now I place the energy outside my body instead of keeping it inside and it has made a huge difference in my life. Thank you, Christy and the Council for your guidance and for sharing your knowledge.”



“I have greatly benefited from all the monthly Meditation, Energy Healing, and Energy Mastery because it led me to manifesting two of my personal requests that are closely met during the month of March. It excited me that I am flourishing, healing, feeling peaceful, and expanding to the next level. Your programs are astounding and I would highly recommended to anyone to participate your powerful programs.”



“I had been in a dark place for a while, however, after attending 30 days of QS meditation many shifts occurred and things became so much clearer to me. During and after the work with Christy I had numerous ideas for my own journey in connecting with my purpose. I am very thankful for the help in clearing my energy and how the speed of my journey has taken form in a very enjoyable way with ease and grace.”


Abby Ampuja

“I finished the 40 Day “Abundance Principle” course a week ago and was doing an inventory of my successes/wins–absolutely UNBELIEVABLE! I called in 17 new clients, 3 upcoming vacations, a perfect house cleaner and pet sitter to fit my needs and vision, and I am now working less hours for more money!! I can’t thank you enough for this program!! I continue to be ‘SURPRISED AND DELIGHTED’ by all your programs. Thank you SO much!”



“I came to Christy because I wanted to access energetic and spiritual principles for generating the full-time income I craved. After building a business for years and not receiving enough income to pay the bills, I was ready for change. In just two sessions with Christy, I began seeing my income increase easily and effortlessly. I feel good about how I attract money and I know it is always on its way to me now. I highly recommend working with Christy!”


Rose de Vere Hunt

“Joining the Vice Freedom meditations in January set my year off to a great start. I really looked forward to the session each day and could feel my energy and mindset shifting. As I released my vices, I also released excess weight. I love the Quantum Success Meditations (which I continue to do daily), as they help me to release any stress or negativity acquired during the day and allow me to fill up on my daily dose of divine light and joyous abundance.”