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“I AM…” Christy & The Council To Align You With Your Divine Self and Your Divine Design of Wholeness, Abundance, Success and Love.

These 8-hour “I AM…” Statements will attune you to the truth of who you are, and the energy transmitted by The Council will activate these statements of truth within you.

Each statement is activated with higher vibrational light. Either repeat them after The Council says them, feel the truth of them, and/or connect with the energy.

Listen to this 8-hour “I AM…” Statements as you are falling asleep and all throughout the night to receive these “I AM…” statements into your conscious and subconscious while you are sleeping. Wake up feeling connected, aligned and ready to take on the day.
Listen to this 8-hour “I AM…” Statements while you are driving or doing other activities. You can listen to them in the background while you are doing other things such as working.
They will reprogram you and have you aligned with your Divine Design of Well-being, Abundance, Success, and Love.
Yours for just $27.00!