Becoming A Healer And Opening To Channeling
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You Already Are A Healer!

Connect inward to your inner healer so that you
can shift any of your FOUR bodies.

Watch The Becoming A Healer And Opening To Channeling Replay Video Below:

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Channel your own guide(s) – that is … channeling and bringing forth information for you.


Heal yourself, others (including pets/animals), and the world with a deep dive into the chakra system and influence with your own Light.


Ask yourself a question like: “What would I have to believe in order to have calluses on my left foot?” and receive information and communication from your body.


Receive practical tools and guidance from higher intelligence to assist yourself and others with their own co-creation and healing in your/their body.


Develop a roadmap of how to take and understand what the body is trying to communicate by being a body sleuth.


Shift in your body from where there are imprints with new leading-edge tools and assist others if you choose.


Release energy that no longer serves you and bring in the energy you desire.


Release core wounds.


Go through the main chakra system and how they connect with certain body parts so you can shift them and live through your brilliance.


Learn a system of understanding the body and how to use Light to bring those parts back into balance.


AND so much more!!!

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Sessions Held on Fridays, March 8th – May 24th


You are already a channel


Being a healer is passing along high vibes to others


All the work we will be doing will take Quantum Energy Mastery to another level


None of us come with an instruction manual on how to treat ourselves and our bodies – our bodies have their own consciousness


This teaching has never been taught before in this practical practicum, with these energies to be your guides

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During this 12-week course you will …!


Activate and connect to your inner healer with The Divine Quantum Council of Light! You will feel lighter and and expanded.


Learn how this activation will help you heal your own 4 bodies…So important for everyone to know in order to master your energy and your life.


And how to then influence others back into Light and well-being by becoming a healer and channeler yourself. Christy & The Council will share the opportunity to work directly with them and your guides to open up your own channel.

Opening up to your inner healer, if you do it as a career or as a tool for life…you will influence others in Light. You can expedite the healing process for children, animals, grandchildren, your spouse, friends, parents, and yourself.

Each session includes a worksheet that helps explain the downward and upward spiral of emotions and how to assist in shifting the momentum for yourself and others.

We will have a lesson on the main chakras in the body. What they do, where they are, and how they affect the healing of the body, as well as manifestation of the outer reality.

We will go through the layers of the auric field, the four bodies and the physical body parts and systems for deep healing and metaphysical/spiritual meaning.

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If you are…
a full body YES to be introduced and create relationships with your own guides…
working with the guides and Christy & The Council to receive a clear, personalized introduction to your guides so you can gain the momentum, impact, income, and focus that you need to fulfill your Divine Assignment NOW?

Then this Healing and Channeling Experience is for you.


Open up to your own personal channel of communication, energy, power, Light and love


Do you ever feel like you’re off track or missing the mark on what you’re here to contribute?


Are you feeling called to create massive traction on fulfilling your Divine assignment NOW?


purple-bullet   BONUS 1: Connect With Your Guides Weekend – Virtual

Weekend Workshops: May 25th – 26th (9am – 12pm PT / 12-3ET)

Join us for a group call where each participant will meet their guides, and/or connect with them for deeper guidance and support.

purple-bullet   BONUS 2: I AM – Vortex Integration Recordings (consists of 35 recordings)

These recordings will assist you in activating and living into the I AM Divine Presence within you. Each recording leads to the next allowing you to go deeper into your Divine Self and I AM Presence. This was the course Christy taught right before she started channeling The Council. This was the transition period from healer to channel.

purple-bullet   BONUS 1: Connect With Your Guides Weekend – Virtual

Weekend Workshops: May 25th – 26th (9am – 12pm PT / 12-3ET)

Join us for a group call where each participant will meet their guides, and/or connect with them for deeper guidance and support.

purple-bullet   BONUS 2: I AM – Vortex Integration Recordings (consists of 35 recordings)

These recordings will assist you in activating and living into the I AM Divine Presence within you. Each recording leads to the next allowing you to go deeper into your Divine Self and I AM Presence. This was the course Christy taught right before she started channeling The Council. This was the transition period from healer to channel.
If you have questions, go ahead and apply below to set up an appointment with my program Concierge, Kim Gore.
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Christy Whitman is the messenger of Light for The Council, spiritual mentors here to spread the message of Quantum Energy Mastery. Christy & The Council teach classes, and meditations and provide private sessions to help clients feel more aligned with their Divine Design of well-being, abundance, success, and loving and supportive relationships.

For over fifteen years and before receiving the telepathic messages from The Council, Christy was a Transformational Leader, Celebrity Coach, and Law of Attraction expert, as well as the two-time New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All and Taming Your Alpha Bitch. She is also the author of the international bestseller Quantum Success and The Desire Factor.

Christy is a regular guest on top podcasts such as Entrepreneur On Fire, Aww Shift, Your Superpowered Mind among many others. Christy has appeared on the news, The Today Show, The Morning Show, Ted X, and The Hallmark Channel, and her work has been featured in the media in various publications. She’s been featured in Goalcast, Purist Magazine, People Magazine, Seventeen, Woman’s Day, Hollywood Life, and Teen Vogue, to name a few.


“The Council is like Abraham, but on steroids.”

Jennifer McLean, Host of Healing with the Masters

“I am loving all the healing sessions, and doing a lot of healing, clearing and clearing. My body is feeling lighter and easier all the time. It is pretty cool. I am very happy that I am doing this at this time, and not going through the Covid thing without resources.Divine timing and organization seems to be working at max efficiency.”


“Working with The Council I feel like I have been love bombed.”

Sheri Salata, Author, Speaker, Producer

“For the first time in almost 30 years I am so grateful to be alive and I have no shame, guilt or any regrets.

After taking responsibility for the years of resistance between my sister and I and finally being ready to face it, I reached out to Christy Whitman. I knew this was something I did not want to face alone because it was buried deep and the emotional pain was too intense for me to even try to heal alone.

Christy invited me to one of her healing calls where she channels through The Christy & The Council. I was a little nervous before the session as I had never consciously communicated directly with spiritual beings before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, however, I knew I was in safe hands with Christy and I totally trusted her!

The Christy & The Council felt that I had many places in my body where I was holding resistance without me even mentioning it to them!

They helped me find and release the shame and guilt that I had been repressing since the age of 13 when my father yelled at me infront of my 8 year old sister. I couldn’t believe it, decades of physical pain around my solar plexus literally released there and then during the call! I had no idea that it was shame.

They also helped me find and release the energy of undeserving and regret that I had repressed and buried very deep when I tried to end my life at the age of 27. I had been pushing my sister away since then because I believed I caused her pain. The Christy & The Council guided me to process the emotions that I had never faced.

They helped me to release the emotional pain I had been suffering with and replaced it with light, love and gratitude which I never thought I could ever feel about this particular event.
The entire experience has transformed me emotionally, mentally and physically!

My relationship with my sister is healing and I feel free and safe to love her and receive her love too.

I am forever grateful to Christy and The Christy & The Council.”

Nicky Mehta

“Christy Whitman is…by far one of the most down-to-earth, loving, transformational healers/spiritual teachers that I have worked with to date, and I have worked with a very wide variety of healers and programs. She walks the talk – which immediately creates rapport and connection because she GETS IT, it’s not a “concept” for her, but what she too has lived and evolved through – this is priceless when doing this sort of deep, deep soul work. In addition, her ability to show PRACTICAL examples of all the tools allows one to IMMEDIATELY begin to use them because you can she not only transmits knowledge but wisdom (knowledge applied), AND WOW!!!

When I started working with Christy in December, I was experiencing a lot of lower level vibration thoughts, feelings and beliefs that were ready to be brought up, processed and released, but, I was very tired, full of anxiety and frustrated with how basically unhappy I was feeling in my daily life. After working with her through December and now being a part of the Vice Freedom program, I have lost 10 pounds (without trying!), seen changes that SPONTANEOUSLY started manifesting, without me “doing” it (translation – manipulating/controlling/forcing). My whole life has been about pushing, striving, achieving and making things happen (HA!), and with Christy, I’m learning to collaborate with my life partner (my SOUL), and allow the flow of Divinity/Universal Love/Spirit to flow through and with me. I cried the first time Christy/The Council shared “life partner” as being ME…..that is the life I want, and am ready to co-create! I know I have a lot of clearing, releasing and healing to continue to do, but for the first time, my life is changing and moving in ways I never believed possible.

Finally, the level of spiritual, physical, mental and emotional integrity inherent in Christy weaves its way through the glorious tapestry of her work and creates rich depth, color, vibration and health into every moment you spend with her, YOU will be changed forever! So grateful and so blessed to be a part of her programs! ”

K. Ransom

“You and the Council have been helping me prepare for my talk that I did on “What is Hypnotherapy”

I want to personally thank you and the Council for helping me along the way. The talk was last night and I am happy to share that we exceeded the room capacity in attendance (60 people). I felt excited, energized, prepared and confident going into the presentation. Without question, I attribute this “new confidence” to working with you one-on-one as well as the meditation series you have been doing (and of course all of my previous training with you).

Leading up to last night’s presentation, I could feel the Council’s presence. And at times, they clearly came through in the early wee hours of the morning (as I was awakened with messages). I am so thankful that they were with me and have helped me strengthen my own connection with my own divine.

It never ceases to amaze me of the timing that the Council’s teachings correspond to what I needed at that moment. In just February alone, this has never been truer. Just today, when the Council did a “sharp turn healing process”…perfect timing as I was in such a whirlwind after last night’s presentation. I definitely needed to regroup and reground and the healing helped to calm me back down. I loved the meditation the other day with the circles of light down our spine. I have been using that every day since intentionally activating those areas as needed. WOW, we are really expanding our learning of concepts that are so advanced that I feel such a deep privilege to be a part of.

You, Christy, rock! The Council rocks! I’m excited about what my future holds for me and the infinite possibilities that are in front of me. I have already had two people approach me asking if I would do the same presentation to other groups. I had many people signing up for my services. FYI, I did a plug for you and your book “7 Essential Laws”. Some people came up and took pictures of the book to go buy it. They might be checking out your website…I hope they do!

Love to you and the Council,”

Kim Silverman

“My experience with Christy Whitman is that she is an amazingly intuitive healer. Before I began working with Christy, I did not feel at peace and I felt that something was missing in my life. Christy was advertising peace for entering the holiday season, and that’s when I began my healing with Christy and the Council of light. Over the past 3 months I have found that peace by connecting with my authentic self with help from Christy and her insights and intuition to uncover things that I didn’t know were inside of me. In my life now there is joy and possibilities and I recommend to anyone thinking about taking one of her programs to please give this gift to yourself, we are all worth this!”

Jill Younglove

“I have been on a personal and spiritual growth journey for some years now, and Christy Whitman has been a major positive energetic force for me. I have benefited greatly from taking part in her Quantum Success Program, and in the Vice Freedom Program. Through Christy’s teaching and mentoring I have been able to recognize many patterns and habits of mine which are not serving me and my relationships very well, and I have been able to let go of some while continuing to work on releasing some more of them. I deeply value Christy’s total dedication from her heart to providing the best outcome and major transformations for me and her other students and clients. I am deeply grateful to Christy for all she has done for me.”

Hardy Hasenfuss

“Christy Whitman is an inspirational sweet soul. I want to thank her for sharing her gifts, her wisdom and her spiritual self with me. She has helped me in so many ways. Ways that I am still learning daily and growing from. She has opened me up to so much new healing information with guidance from source. I loved the experience with Christy and the Council’s online zoom weekend event. It felt very intimate and the other ladies and I were perfectly matched as we helped support and uplift each other as we one by one healed our inner wounds. Thank you for what you do. I feel so blessed to have met you and to be on this journey at the same time. I’m sending you a big hug and lots of love and light.”

Tonya Vaughn

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“It’s hard to remember what life was like before I began working with Christy because I’m not the same person anymore. I’ve always been on the happy side of the scale, but I was also always aware that there were feelings of anger and fear just below the surface. I also knew, as a lifelong self-development student, that those low vibe feelings were holding me back from the life I truly want. Therapy helped work through past trauma but not enough to get rid of that critical, judgmental voice in my head. Then I found Christy Whitman and knew I had to work with her and learn from her.

As a lifelong self-development enthusiast, I was quite familiar with the Law of Attraction but still knew, somewhere, I was missing pieces of the puzzle. After working with Christy, as I said, I
feel like a new person inside and out. The anger and hurt has dissipated and I know have the tools to take care of that inner voice.

The results being: I’m building a business with my husband that is fun, fulfilling and profitable and I have healed decades old (and even generations old) wounds and transmuted so much energy that I feel a sense of freedom I have honestly never known.

No matter what challenges you may have, I recommend you allow Christy to be your guide. I can tell you from experience, she will teach you, support you and assist you with the transformation that has been waiting and whispering in your ear.

PS: Her entire team ROCKS!!!”

Sue Ellen Ewing

“The decision to work with Christy & The Council has enriched me more than I ever dreamed possible!

At first, I was not sure to join the “Healing Room Wealth”, and it was during a conversation with The Council that made me aware that I assumed that the money I already had would be all the money I would ever have, and so I hold onto the money … not exactly a state of flow and abundance, right? So I dared the leap into the healing room! What a blessing!

At every session I was so deeply touched and so delighted with the insights we gained as a group and the very individual support from Council! Over the weeks I have become so calm about the topic of money, I have gained great confidence about the “All is Well” and a vision has emerged for me and my future that initially surprised me and now motivates, supports, and calms me. I thank these beings, I thank Christy & The Council, who made this possible! Thank you so much!””

Antje Black

“Christy Whitman is one of the best spiritual leaders of our time, she is the real deal, you can feel the Love she intentionally transmits and if you let it, it will heal you.

Before I started working with Christy I was having problems sleeping through the night and felt horrible for having ruined the opportunity of a lifetime. I quit working on my Doctorate which had been a long term dream of mine to take a job in paradise. Weeks after uprooting my family and moving to the U.S. Virgin Islands I left a handsomely paid position to return to “nothing” in the U.S. I was in a place of pain and felt immobilized.

After I began working with her I let go of the shame, this at least got me moving. After I was no longer “stuck” I was able to gain back some trust in myself. I slept through the nights like a baby and healed tremendously. I gained the courage to seek her help and she delivered beyond what I could have imagined. Christy along with the Council helped me see my own Divinity and deservedness. Once my eyes were opened up the endless pit of needing to prove myself with degrees, titles and accomplishments vanished. In it’s place was so much.”

Kashia M.

“As a Therapist and Results Oriented Coach, I have always been drawn to powerful and loving mentors who can make a big difference for my clients and myself. Several years ago, I completed Christy Whitman’s QSCA Coaching Program, which inspired me to create a 1K Healing Program that consisted of Ho’oponopono Healing and the Law of Attraction. After working with Christy one-on-one, she energetically and physically helped me manifest my Radical Change Coaching Academy, where I get to teach my coaches how to help clients make Big Changes Quickly with some powerful coaching tools, the gift of Ho’oponopono Healing and the pure positive energy that comes from Mastering Energy! I continued with Christy’s Light Body course and her Energy Mastery Program, which has guided me to be more in touch with my own soul and Inner Spirit that guides me to be aligned with all my deepest desires and dreams. This past summer, I was invited to participate in her latest program and movement called The Desire Factor. It’s not just a book or just a program. It’s a needed and healing experience for all who are open to accepting, loving and calling forth into manifestation your deepest and most personal desires in life, love, family, friends and business. Through the years, I have had the honor and gift to journey with Christy as a powerful and committed mentor, as well as a friend and partner in spreading love, light and healing to this world and all those that are ready for love and abundance! I am grateful and blessed for this journey with Christy and all her programs that always deliver more than I asked for or expected. If you are yearning for more, looking to make a bigger difference or ready to live your best life I recommend you sign up for any one of her programs.”

Dr. Mary Ozegovich

“Christy Whitman is a genuine amazing healer. I’m honored to learn from her and have transformed from having a traumatic past that kept me struggling with anxiety and depression into a healed and peaceful happy life.

Before I started working with Christy, I was stuck living in a place of fear and feeling like a victim to my circumstances. I was anxious and struggling with toxic relationships that drained the life out of me. I felt overwhelmed with stress and was constantly taking on other people’s energy and didn’t even know that I was doing that. I felt run down and had chronic sinus infections and was constantly tired.

After working with her, I now know who I am and I have learned how to recognize and release ownership of other people’s problems back to them. I have learned to drop the stress and drama and live in peace and harmony. I appreciate and value boundaries in my life and clarity in communication. I have loving healthy relationships. I value and honor myself and embrace my spiritual gifts. I have learned how to be the master of my energy and to stay neutral in conflicts. I understand my energetic boundaries and have released and healed “mountains” of stuck energy.

My life is so amazing now. I feel so light and so free. I am extremely grateful for this magnificent well thought out program with useful tools and strategies that empower me to handle life confidently. I love knowing that I am not a victim. I have choices and I have the tools to stay out of the drama triangle and can choose to live in the circle of love. This has transformed my life in amazing ways and I am forever grateful to Christy Whitman for her important part in my journey of healing.”

Rhonda Richard

“On December 31, 2021, I committed to myself that I would meditate EVERY DAY of 2022 with Christy and the Quantum Council, and I am so glad that I did! Christy’s Daily Quantum Meditations with the Council are transformational. Every meditation is powerful, and some call out to be repeated over and over. So far, I have spent seven months dedicated to Self-Love, Freedom, Light Play and Co-Creation, Divine Alchemy, Being my Higher Self, Vice Freedom and the Desire Factor. I am now on Day 210 and can see how sitting daily with the Council (sometimes live, and sometimes listening to recordings) is giving me exponential gains.

Interestingly, the changes in me started subtly at first when suddenly I realized that the gnawing feeling I have always had in the pit of my stomach (my second chakra/emotional center) was just gone (!) and I started to feel ease inside of myself for the first time. Then I realized that rather than triggering an anxiety attack, meditation now settles me. I am calmer, less reactive, more curious, thoughtful, and happier. Over the months I have come to see my life through eyes of Abundance, Success, Well-Being and Love, and in so doing, rewrite some of the limiting narrative I was telling myself. I’m a more compassionate partner to my husband, a more loving friend and sister, and a more confident, intuitive professional. Best of all, I am gaining an understanding and acceptance of the Council’s teaching that we are each infinitely loved. How wonderful to sit in that love and begin to fully embody what it means for the first time!

As a high-performer raised with the message that I was never quite good enough, it has taken many months of daily reminders and processes with the Council to begin to shift my belief about my value. It is amazing to realize that the very things I have always been told to be less of are the very ways I am unique and Divinely inspired. I feel more creative, powerful, expressive and safe. I am now able to take a really deep breath for the first time (all the way down in my belly) and relax into the knowledge that I am a co-creator with Divine and all that I need is available to me. The world is opening to me. There is power in daily practice. There is power in the Quantum Council.

Thank you Christy!”

Kimberly Gilbey

“WOW! I am healing on ALL levels. A lot of stuff coming up, but I am now learning how to release it!! Beyond grateful.”


“I have to share that I wanted to hug my computer screen after today’s session. So much love.”


“I fully enjoy all the sessions and the support it gives during the week, and the light it brings me and helps to live the actual situation on our planet earth.”


“I wish to say that these past sessions have helped me to a better emotional place. I am no longer anxious and feel more grounded. Being infinitely loved is a wonderful feeling in one’s heart. One begins to live with Trust. Thank you all.”


“I am really enjoying the course and feel very fortunate to be a part of it. I am so grateful to have access to such wisdom and guidance.”


“I love you all too! Thank you! 7 recorded sessions, 7 days a week…. coincidence. one per day.”


“OMG ! Today has blasted me out of the stratosphere!
Huge, HUGE thank you to Christy and The Council. I took the oxygen off at 10:35 and shut the concentration down at 12:20. I am not turning it back on today, tonight, or at any other time.

This healing began in SCL on Monday! I am in awe and astonishment.”

Karen Diehl

“This class has helped me to step in more fully to my life mission given to me from my guides – Find Your Voice, Feed Your Passion, Live Your Purpose – QSCA, Light Body and this course has helped me live this more fully! Xoxo”


“I am so grateful for your guidance. I have accomplished amazing things in the last two weeks feeling your presence by my side in the face of adversity telling me that the path was clear “easy peasy”… just expressing my gratitude to you right now fills me up with such heat/energy. Thank you so much much for your presence and assistance in our ascension as humans right now. May our ascension serves you too.”


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