NOTE: The New Year’s Eve Meditation Will Begin At 9am PT / 12pm ET

Here are 3 things to do right now to set yourself up for success – and an amazing 2023:

Step 1: Clear Your Calendar

The challenge kicks off on January 1st at 7 am PT / 10 am ET on Facebook Live  at the Christy Whitman International Facebook page:

And continues with DAILY Facebook Live broadcasts running January 1-7.

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Can’t make the LIVE kickoff? Know you’ll miss one of the sessions? We’ve got you covered. Recordings of each session will be available on Christy’s Facebook fan page – and on our viewing page.


We HIGHLY encourage you to make time to attend the live sessions with Christy. Not only can you interact with Christy and other participants … making your participation a top priority will focus your energy and create momentum.


Check your email for a confirmation. The email is FROM Christy Whitman and email address Add that contact to your safe senders list so that you don’t miss a message.


Check out some of the feedback we’ve received from past students … and start thinking about the Having It All Life you’d like to create.

“Dear Christy,

This program has been absolutely incredible! I seriously think you should turn the entire Vice program series into one of the courses that you offer in the quantum success. I can’t believe we all got to do this at such a minimal cost for 2 months. Aside from the fact that this has cleared up so much of my habit to go to that place of ‘worry’, I am so much happier and more connected. Not to mention the fact that I’ve been able to share so much of what I learned over the past 2 months with my Law of Attraction Meetup Group and seen the benefits that they have received as well. I have already received emails from three different people telling me how some of the processes that I shared with them has made such a distinct change in their life. And now on to the material rewards… starting after the second week of the vice program, when I started releasing my worry, I have attracted so much money that I am now completely credit card debt free for the first time since 2002 and I have been able to pay for a complete remodeling of the master bedroom in the house we just moved into. I have also been able to join in the Goddess weekend and the Channeling program because of my financial success. In addition, I feel the relationships in my life have improved so much and I feel myself being able to help other people by just being a shining example of joy and success. Thank you so much for offering all that you do! I also love to see all the ways you are enjoying your success with your family and with your travels. You are not only an incredible mentor and teacher but you are an incredible role model!

With all the love in my heart,


“This is a great way to make an investment in yourself. You are so worth it. I am thankful that I invested in me.”

– Rachae Jensen

“For those ‘thinking’ about joining – don’t hesitate – just do it – you were called here for a reason – trust that! I’m not sure exactly how Christy actually does it but she always touches your heart and soul – just at the ‘right’ time – it’s amazing how that happens in such Divine timing. You will be connected to an AMAZING group of wonderful people who will also be there to support you through the entire month. All I can say is that you will go to unbelievable amazing places that you never knew existed and YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN, the transformations are truly incredible … thank you Christy for once again putting something so incredibly amazing together – you are certainly one very blessed soul. xxx love forever xx”

– Rani Rangimoekau

“Today will be day 17 of my second venture into this extraordinary, expansive and love filled space. I am booking the next one too, this says it all. I love being a part of this group of like-minded souls all deeply focused on their personal growth. Christy’s beautiful sense of fun and warm personality always brings a smile to my face and I love celebrating with her as she sees the first person join, as I know we all do. The place I inhabit now is so far removed from when I started that I just want to keep on going. Her processes and meditations are wonderful, like coming home. I cannot recommend this highly enough, just do it, you owe it to yourself. Like a pebble dropped into a still pool, the ripples are far reaching.”

– Souli Yates


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