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30 Days of Quantum Success with
Christy Whitman & The Council

Theme For December:

Divination: Returning and Connecting to Your Divine Lineage.
You will discover how to release all the imprints from your
societal, cultural, religious, and family lineage.

December 1st

December 2nd

December 3rd

Spend an intimate and inspirational 30 days with me and The Council as we go through a step-by-step energy clearing!

The Council and I will take you through processes and meditations every day for 30 days so that you can return back to your Divine lineage and release the patterns and imprints that are limiting you from your family, cultural, societal and human lineage.

This will translate into well-being, abundance, success, and love in your life, which is all part of your Divine Design!

The sessions are held through a private and exclusive Facebook Live page or a private Zoom session (you choose how to connect).

These videos will also be available for you on a private replay page. You can access them any time you need a “pick me up” or what my clients refer to as a “Christy & The Council fix”, or if you can’t join the daily practice live.

The energy is so intense right now that we need to intentionally and deliberately choose the energy we want to connect with.

And it starts with having awareness, understanding, and knowledge about your power and where your power has been limited due to programming, and to release the imprints.

Get out of the fear and uncertainty with what is happening inside of yourself and out in the world. Let this be your gift to yourself be about living from your love body and release your pain body.

We will be doing these Divination meditations to help you integrate your Divine connection so you can know yourself as the light being that you are, and enjoy all the riches in your life.

You will enjoy the results of attracting all good things in an overflowing way, and continually experience the joy of abundant living.

You are infinitely loved,

30 Days of Quantum Success

Meditations Testimonials

30 Days of Quantum Success
Meditations Testimonials

“This program has been absolutely incredible!.”

Dear Christy, I seriously think you should turn the entire Vice program series into one of the courses that you offer in the quantum success. I can’t believe we all got to do this at such a minimal cost for 2 months. Aside from the fact that this has cleared up so much of my habit to go to that place of ‘worry’, I am so much happier and more connected. Not to mention the fact that I’ve been able to share so much of what I learned over the past 2 months with my Law of Attraction Meetup Group and seen the benefits that they have received as well. I have already received emails from three different people telling me how some of the processes that I shared with them has made such a distinct change in their life. And now on to the material rewards… starting after the second week of the vice program, when I started releasing my worry, I have attracted so much money that I am now completely credit card debt free for the first time since 2002 and I have been able to pay for a complete remodeling of the master bedroom in the house we just moved into. I have also been able to join in the Goddess weekend and the Channeling program because of my financial success. In addition, I feel the relationships in my life have improved so much and I feel myself being able to help other people by just being a shining example of joy and success. Thank you so much for offering all that you do! I also love to see all the ways you are enjoying your success with your family and with your travels. You are not only an incredible mentor and teacher but you are an incredible role model!


“I am thankful that I invested in me.

This Facebook group is a great way to make an investment in yourself. You are so worth it.

Rachael Jensen

“I cannot recommend this highly enough, just do it, you owe it to yourself.”

Today will be day 17 of my second venture into this extraordinary, expansive and love-filled space. I am booking the next one too, this says it all. I love being a part of this group of like-minded souls all deeply focused on their personal growth. Christy’s beautiful sense of fun and warm personality always brings a smile to my face and I love celebrating with her as she sees the first person join, as I know we all do. The place I inhabit now is so far removed from when I started that I just want to keep on going. Her processes and meditations are wonderful, like coming home. Like a pebble dropped into a still pool, the ripples are far-reaching ((( ❤ )))

Souli Yates

“I’m eternally grateful for Christy’s and the group’s energy.”

I love the Divine timing of Christy’s initial 30 days of Quantum Success. It was such a natural decision to embrace Christy’s invitation and spend every morning with her in December. It was the perfect opportunity to slow down and embody the essence of energy she was sharing. With Christy’s intuitive reading of the group, she instinctively always has the perfect process of meditation for the collective. It was such an obvious decision to participate in January and continue with the infusion of awareness that comes with her daily coaching and meditations. I’ve experienced so much peace and increased awareness during the past several weeks together and look forward to further expansion as she proceeds with additional coaching and meditations.

There is such a beautiful connection that happens every morning with so many wonderful and Divine Spirits. Have a beautiful day… AND THANK YOU!

Theresa Tomasini

“In deep gratitude that my way led me into her community.”

Through Christy the 7 Essential Laws become palpable as if she is breathing life into them, and she herself is the walking-around example for them to work, a joy to watch and follow.

The daily meditations and healings are nothing less than a blessing for me. Christy is crystal-clear, has an infectious humor, and illustrates her teachings with vivid and easy-to-get personal stories and examples.

And last but not least, she is an open channel for the loving guidance from the higher realms through the Council of Light, what seemingly intensifies and multiplies her healing abilities.

Elke Ratsch

“16 Days into 30 Days of Quantum Success and I am feeling amazing.”

I find myself looking forward to each and every day with excitement. I am usually a fairly positive person, waking up happy and being in a generally good mood most of the time. I recently found myself a bit off track and wanting to find a way back. This program was the perfect jump start to getting on track to meet my goals for 2017. And more importantly, getting me back. I absolutely love every single process and meditation and will listen to some of them multiple times. Sometimes I will even have the recording running on one PC while I’m working on another PC and can’t keep from smiling when I catch Christy celebrating “being live” through my peripheral vision. It’s a nice reminder for me to remember what I want my day to be like. Best of all, I thought, I really hope Christy offers this in February! Two days later, she announced she would be offering it in February! LOL Love fast turn around time on manifestation!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Pamela Schulte

“Deeply grateful that I valued myself enough to be part of this amazing group.”

It says quantum in the title and that is truly what I experience each day of this program – openings, insights , life changing shifts EVERY day – all delivered with love, compassion and wisdom. Heartfelt thanks for creating this opportunity.

Mary Tudor

“I love the group energy, this has been well worth my investment.”

I am now on my second month of the 30 Days of Quantum Success and I am getting so much out of it, I will continue to join as long as Christy offers this group. To start every morning raising my vibration, and listening to Christy’s meditation or processes, is such a wonderful way to start the day. It helps to keep my vibration high throughout the day and I listen to the replay several times throughout the day, which I really love. In December, I just had the intuitive hit to join the group, and since then I have seen an increase in my business, peace and calmness throughout the holidays, which I really needed, and increase in my self-confidence, something that has been my goal going into the new year. I look forward to each and every morning, and if I ever have a question, Christy has been great about taking the time to clarify and answer. Thank you Christy!

Christine Sexton Walker

“It’s been a wonderful experience working with Christy and the Council of light in the meditation series, Master your own energy.”

Every morning for the last four months, I have experienced a beautiful connection with my divine self, my soul self and my ego self. feelings of love and gratitude for my life partner, which through doing the meditations I’ve realised is myself.

Learning ways to master my own energy, releasing energies that are not serving me, releasing aches and pains from my body that I didn’t know was just stuck energy/emotions, through doing these meditations my aches and pains are managed by how much time I spend going within. I’ve fallen in love with myself for the first time. I feel empowered and forever changed by being a part of these meditations and the knowledge I have gained, for now that I know what’s possible I can never not know, that I am the master of my own energy. I am the one.

I love how the meditations set me up for whatever I had to face in my day, the warm fuzzies I felt everyday by being among other like minded souls on the same journey. I’ve noticed a calmness to my being, more compassionate to others, I’ve gained confidence, wisdom, strength and love for the human behaviour that I can show at times. I loved how the council wrapped me in love. I loved Christy’s smiling face, her humour and openness. Time zones prevented me doing the live meditations which didn’t change the love energy at all.

Even though the programme is coming to an end and I will miss Christy and the council, I have every intention of starting the meditation series over again from the beginning, I loved the meditations that much, every part of it.

I’d recommend this programme to anyone that wants to grow and expand their awareness, knowledge and love of self. It is life changing. Next time I will participate in the whole programme not just the meditations, I can see myself with the funds to do so.

Jane Walters

“Christy Whitman is wonderful!”

I did not have any definite issues that needed attention but while attending a 30 day QS meditation many things became so much clearer to me. During and after the work with her I had numerous new ideas for my own work. I am very thankful that she helped clearing my energy and speeded up my journey in a very enjoyable way.

Anja Schwarz

“For those ‘thinking’ about joining, don’t hesitate – just do it. You were called here for a reason – trust that.”

I’m not sure exactly how Christy actually does it but she always touches your heart and soul – just at the ‘right’ time – it’s amazing how that happens in such Divine timing 🙂 You will be connected to an AMAZING group of wonderful people who will also be there to support you through the entire month. All I can say is that you will go to unbelievable amazing places that you never knew existed and ‘YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN, the transformations are truly incredible’ … thank you Christy for once again putting something so incredibly amazing together – you are certainly one very blessed soul xxx love forever xx

Rani Rangimoekau

“I’ve been having breathing issues for at least 40 years. On and off. Lately it became worse because now I have to wear a mask which puts additional stress on my lungs and respiratory system.”

To make long story short:

Of course, I knew of the connection between lungs and sadness and worked on healing it over the years. With not much success.

At the same time, for some unknown reason, I never heard or made a connection between lungs and grief.

Apparently these are two completely different emotions energetically At least in my case. So when I listened to the meditation on Sadness and Grief, I only worked with Grief, and in mediation , I felt as if a boulder was lifted and removed from my chest. It’s hard to describe. Frankly, I cannot even remember when I felt this huuuge openness in my lungs and chest. Seems like lifetimes of grief were lifted off me, allowing me to breathe without a strain. I can not explain it in any other way than a miracle!

Alla Kalyuzhny

“I have been a part of this experience several times now and it only gets better. “

I love the energy of the meditations and all the releasing of old stuff that comes up. I look forward to every month when the meditations are given. Thank you, Christy and the Council for raising my vibration this way.

Matilda Orrling

“I spent a wonderful year with you and the Council!”

I spent a wonderful year with you and the Council!

I love your “30 Days of Meditations” program: only 20 minutes a day, and so effective and uplifting and life-changing!

This year was a special one for the entire world and thanks to all the tools I got from you and the Council I was able to find inner peace, balance, strength and courage in the midst of a lot of chaos.

You were with me every single day, since January 1st, even during the months where there were no live meditations. During these months I was just relistening to past programs and they were as effective as when you and the Council were live. Even more, I would say, as my consciousness level has shifted in between.

I learned to listen to and to express my needs, to say when I feel hurt, to stay with my emotions and, probably the most important shift for me, to forgive and to have compassion. I learned to stay out of the drama triangle of my family and what was amazing for me was that being in the circle of light (so out of the drama triangle) I was able to listen to them with detachment and even to bring them some comfort.

I am so grateful for all the light you brought into my day to day life! Thank you, Christy! Thank you, Council!

Carmen Draghici

“There’s a lot I am grateful for, taking part in Christy’s QSCA, my soulmate came into my life.”

At the moment I joined 30 Days of meditation, a big transformation happened for me, I became worthy, I am worthy, it felt great for me! Thank you, Christy and the Council.

Annea Forsstrom

“I had been in a dark place for a while, however, after attending 30 days of QS meditation many shifts occurred and things became so much clearer to me.”

During and after the work with Christy I had numerous ideas for my own journey in connecting with my purpose. I am very thankful for the help in clearing my energy and how the speed of my journey has taken form in a very enjoyable way with ease and grace.

Jennifer Waller


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Yes, I Am Ready For 30 Days of Meditations »

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