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Success Stories

Success Stories

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“I successfully earned a six-figure income in my chosen field.”

Christy Whitman is my mentor, leader, success and abundance model, and friend. I started working with Christy in 2008 to become a certified life coach. Through Christy’s caring support, my ability to change negative thoughts, energies and physical vices improved and I consider our work together to be successful. Christy showed me how, supported me while I followed her processes, and we celebrated my successes. I successfully earned a six figure income in my chosen field. I believe Christy’s methods will assist many others to improve and conquer any unwanted negativities, pivot their thoughts, problems or unhealthy concerns from negatives to positive aspects to abundant success and finely to personal freedom, success, health and joy. I recommend any and all her programs and events.

Sarah Langston

“2020 vision is what we desire, and this year was the perfect year to be a part of the Quantum Energy Mastery experience!”

With all of the chaos and uncertainty during this year of 2020 … The Dynamic Duo of Christy & The Council have helped assist and support me in flowing through the four months and beyond with more grace and ease than I would have thought possible. Knowing that I can create miracles in my own life through strengthening my faith portal as I co-create with my Divine Source has been a game changer for sure!! I am grateful to have the ‘playbook’ for thriving in life each and every day as it is all just energy. I am in such deep gratitude to Christy & The Council!!! Say “YES” to yourself, and you will not regret your decision to end 2020 with the tools and connections that will uplevel your life now and as you move forward.

Beth Myers

“Now I enjoy the freedom, success and abundance I’ve dreamed of—and there is more to come!”

Christy is an amazing teacher and coach. She is so authentic—what you see is what you get. She truly cares about each person she is working with and about helping them create the life they deeply desire. Before working with Christy, I had self-doubt about what kind of impact I could have in the world as a coach. In working with Christy and doing her meditations, I was able to connect with my Divine self and see what my higher path looks like. It was truly transformative. I am now very confident in my direction and value as a world server. Now I enjoy the freedom, success and abundance I’ve dreamed of—and there is more to come! Thank you, Christy!!

Kelly Mishell

“I feel lighter and clearer and excited about the next steps in the journey of my life.”

Christy Whitman is truly amazing.Before I had the opportunity to work with Christy I knew that I was stuck at a particular level in my own coaching business. I just knew that working with Christy would ‘shift’ me but I didn’t realise to what extent. It became very clear from working with Christy, that I had emotional and physical blocks that were stopping me from moving forward – literally! During my time working with her, I no longer have to have a hip replacement as I no longer have any symptoms due to her wonderfully intuitive healings. I feel lighter and clearer and excited about the next steps in the journey of my life, thanks to her support and unending generosity in sharing her knowledge and experiences. It has not only been a privilege to work with her but an absolute blessing.

Sandra Stocks

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“Christy Whitman is beyond greatness, no words can describe how wonderful she is.”

Before I started working with Christy I was living in a state of lack. I didn’t even realize how much I had limited my life by the little words that I was using that cut off my abundance. During my time working with Christy I have learned so many tools and techniques that have brought me to a state of allowing and remaining natural to others personalities. This is a big one for me since I have strong opinions. I have also been able to stay in peace and abundance through the meditations that are so powerful. There is so much positive reinforcement that is given that it’s so easy to follow what she teaches.

Kristie Stephens

“My life is very different today than it was 19 months ago because of all the amazing support, tools, processes and unconditional love that have come from working with Christy.”

I’m so grateful I was connected to Christy Whitman and her programs. As a graduate of the 1-year QSCA coaching program, I was actually sad for it to end. The program was an amazing coaching program. But the unexpected surprise for me was how it turned out to be such a pivotal, life shifting program for my physical, emotional and spiritual healing during the one of the most physically and emotionally difficult years of my life. Once the QSCA program was over, I knew I wanted to dive deeper into my personal healing and growth with Christy. So I signed up for additional programs working directly with Christy. My life is very different today than it was 19 months ago because of all the amazing support, tools, processes and unconditional love that have come from working with Christy and her wonderful team. I would absolutely recommend signing up for any of Christy’s programs that speak to you. I continue to do so because I know that if I show up and do the work, my life will continue to keep getting better and better! <3

Liz A.

“Experiencing the sudden loss of my brother was overwhelming.”

Working with Christy. and releasing it in a positive way that I’ve never experienced. Being part of this program has been life changing in all areas of my life. I have a better understanding of myself. I’m confident that moving through the process of grief was made smoother because of the QEM program. I look at life differently. I love the QEM meditations every morning and it will be part of my life. Looking forward to many more.

Terri Martinez

“Going through QSCA Life Coaching Academy and getting Certified in 2019 I knew I wanted to keep growing. My coaching buddy had taken the program and said it was awesome, then I heard others testimony and witnessed it for myself!”

I said I want what she has! Going through QSCA changed my life, but growing and taking the the QEM MADE ME A NEW PERSON! In this program I learned I am the master of my own energy, I learned how to forgive, cut the cords to the unwanted in my life and past! This program teaches you when you are bushwacked, you are to stop, breath, get in alignment with your devine, cut that cord, open your heart and be good with yourself, love, love,love!

My dark secret of abusing food and alcohol all my life… I would drink everyday! Lookout on the weekends, food if things were not right or I got stressed the combination of food and alcohol… it was bad, really bad… when we went through the forgiveness and I did the daily meditations I was able to release it, release it all! I not only asked my kids forgiveness in the meditation I called each one of them! I had my last drink New Years, I had 4 drinks which was not a lot for me, and I got sick, and stayed sick for three days I knew I had to release it, cut that cord, open my heart! AND oh boy I haven’t had a drink since, I have a new body, I have all new cells, I have NO craving at all, matter of fact the smell of alcohol stinks to me. It has been a birthing for me, I am a new person! it has been 3 1/2 months I feel amazing! I am in love with myself! I know I have a total back up system in my divine I just need to call on them get in alignment, it is the most awesome feeling to be empowered, to be the master of my own energy! I am the creator of my own life of my reality! Oh fyi I have lost 12 pounds, my food addiction has diminished also… I crave good healthy food, and water, I love water! I feel water filling my body with energy!

Christy thank you for your amazing program, for your amazing support, to the QSCA family! I love you all!

I look so forward to my future of amazing abundance, success, freedom, alignment, LOVE, faith, trust….

I hold you all in the space of love!

Susan Lamb

“I had someone ask me today to think of a decision that I made that changed my life, and I thought of you.”

I thought of you and the moment I chose to sign up for the QSCA.

My life has changed in so many positive ways since that day.

I feel happier, connected, vibrant.

My income has tripled, debt is paid, I love where I live and know in my heart of hearts that abundance surrounds me.

I was even gifted $10,000 unexpectedly the month we focused on the abundance in the daily quantum energy meditations.

My relationships have bloomed. Love is present and I love myself.

Quantum energy work is something I practice every day.

I wanted to tell you in the last Quantum Energy Coaching Certification class that I am so thankful for the 90-second process during this time.

When reactive emotions come up, I feel them, really feel them in the moment, the emotion crests like a wave and then flows out to the violet flame to be transmuted and replaced with golden filamentous light. At the end of the 90 seconds, I feel at peace and can move forward from my heart.

It is so wonderful to know I can be with any emotion fully in the moment and choose.

Thank you. Thank you for your contribution to my life. Thank you for being a part of my life and my community.


“Oh my goodness! I have been doing QEM since April, and I have experienced such tremendous shifts in my own energy/vibration and in how I interact with others and the world. Overall, I feel an overwhelming sense that “all is well” and that “I have everything that I need within me” as a result of doing this work with Christy/The Council.”

Where to begin? My dream has been to build an SEL (Social Emotional Learning) clinic. Since starting QEM, I have: a) secured an office space for my clinic; b) secured a paid summer internship to help me prepare for this journey; c) written 3 children’s books on SEL; d) found a webmaster who has created a website, email, and videos for my clinic; e) manifested more clients than I can keep up with (I am finishing a PhD, so will not fully launch the clinic for another 6-12 mos, when I am done). I also feel a general sense of ease and well-being that had not previously been my norm. In short, WOWZA!! : )
YES, YES, YES! (I would recommend this course.) It actually led me to decide to pursue the QSCA coaching certification, because I am passionate about helping others to manifest their purpose/desires and to be empowered as deliberate creators and energy masters. I am incredibly grateful to Christy and The Council! THANK YOU!!!

Abby Ampuja

“To say that the Quantum Energy Mastery class has been life-changing would be an understatement.”

The transformative energy that you will receive from this experience is simply electrifying. You can feel the loving energy transmitted by the Council, even on the recordings! Being a part of the meditations alone helped me to successfully navigate the death of my grandmother; an incredibly hectic work and travel schedule and manage difficult relationships. I was super excited to join the Quantum Energy Mastery Classes when they opened up in November! This experience is truly unlike any course I have taken or book I have read. Christy’s instruction is incredibly clear, thoughtfully put together and easy to digest. The insight and interaction with the Council is phenomenal – 1:1 interaction with non-physical beings! The class both amplified and intensified the vibrational shifts compared to the meditations alone. Just a few short months after starting the classes, I was able to manifest and allow a high five-figure commission check – my highest ever!

I am truly grateful for Christy and the Council and have enjoyed every moment I have had with them and know that you will too!

Marisa Chen

“The most important thing I have taken from the classes so far is a constant sense of peace and well being.”

I deal with stressful situations much more calmly now (Not that I panicked before but now I approach things with the inner determination and knowledge that everything is fine or will be). And I am waaaay more strongly connected to my inner self and the spiritual realm.

I’ve noticed that I’m happier and at peace. I’m also taking light body so I’m not sure how to distinguish the difference between results! But I am finding things are manifesting easier and I’m more optimistic- my optimism has a basis rather than blind faith optimism if that makes sense! Absolutely, I would recommend this program!

A. Kirkwood

“Christy has helped me learn what my soul already knows!”

I have been working with Christy in different aspects of her business off and on for a few years now.  Most recently I have done her monthly healing meditations, and it has helped me with business clarity and has helped reduce the anxiety I experience from everyday life.  I love waking up in the morning to Christy’s meditations, it helps me start my day out with peace and confidence, then I can face the day on purpose and with focus.  Her work has helped me tremendously in my own business both in my corporate life, as well as my own coaching business because I have learned, through her meditations, how to get in touch with my higher self and soul purpose.  Christy’s work helps me down to a cellular level – she has helped me learn what my soul already knows.

Christine Walker

“The Quantum Energy Mastery program with Christy Whitman and the Council of Light is phenomenal! My life has changed in every area as a result of this incredible experience.”

After a lifetime of covering up deep pain by self-medicating with mindless eating and shopping, I am completely free from these patterns! Not only am I free, but I do not experience any fear of relapsing. I haven’t just stopped the behavior, but rather it has been released from my mind, body and spirit by immersing myself in the work, and by receiving the incredible, intuitive healing offered by the Council. I also stopped drinking alcohol and coffee, and I began eating an organic, non GMO, mainly plant based diet. I came off of some medications, and I am beginning to lose weight.

When I started to work with Christy and the Council I was holding onto very high levels of debt. As of today I have paid it off 100%. Not by borrowing, not by shifting things around, but by paying it all off and now living debt free.

The thing that makes this program, this experience, really special, and the reason I believe it worked for me, is that Christy and the Council create a space of incredible trust and freedom of expression. This trust gave me the opportunity to go deeper than I have ever gone before into my own healing. To talk about things that have been too difficult and embarrassing to talk about with anyone else. To open up the doorway to real healing and, and to recognize the issues underneath the surface that were creating all the pain that led to self-sabotaging actions.

There is no amount of gratitude that I can express, and no dollar value that I can place on the program that equates to the value and the gifts I have received from it. It has opened me up to joyous living, better relationships, and to greater success. It has been a total blessing.

If you are ready to let go of pain, negative energy, fear and other limitations, if you are ready to dream of possibilities you may never have dreamt of before, it can happen, it does happen, it will happen for you.

I am so grateful to Christy and the Council. I recommend Quantum Energy Mastery with all my heart!

Aleta Gunsul

“Christy and the Council of Light gave me even more than I had dreamed I would receive from learning about energy and how it affects us on a day to day level and how to work with it to become an Energy Master.”

The classes allowed me to understand how and what exactly it is and how energy affects us on such a deep level. I loved the processes and treatments and how we can incorporate it into our lives and relationships every day. Exactly what I hoped for and so much more! The meditations allowed for further shifts and activations with Christy and the Council of Light. I’ve learned so much from all of it. I found it fascinating and of incredible value for me. Oh my gosh, I find I’m now able to move forward in a more positive and confident way, now that I understand so much more about energy and how it affects all of us – positive or negative! These classes and meditations were exactly what I was wanting to understand about energy and how I can incorporate it into my life in a practical way, every single day. Even after this “experience” with Christy and the Council of Light is over, I will be listening to the meditations and classes over again and again so I can continue using the processes and incorporating them into my life on a daily basis; as well as meditations for a deeper connection to my Divine Source….It has been a priceless experience and exactly what I wanted in order to move myself forward spiritually and as a physical human being! Christy, I cannot express to you enough has valuable of an experience this has been. It has been absolutely “enlightening”. Thank you, thank you!

Lauryn Senko

"After my work with Christy, I totally changed my way of seeing and feeling myself."

“Before working with Christy I was easily irritated by noises, comments of others and often felt stressed in my daily life when coordinating my life as a full-time working psychologist/ therapist, being a wife and a mother of 3 children and building up my coaching business. During my work with Christy I realized how I couldn’t find inner peace and how difficult it was to come back to my breathing , connecting to my body and feeling aligned. After my work with Christy, I totally changed my way of seeing and feeling myself. I feel light as a feather, relaxed and trust that everything will work out fine. I discovered that thing work out much better when I let go instead of wanting to control them. I also feel wealthy in time and with money and I got out of the blue two new coaching clients who signed coaching packages for several months! I definitely say that working with Christy has been beneficial for me in many ways!”

– Natalie Hissen

"My life changed 360 degrees."

Christy Whitman is a transformational leader, she is a great healer. I would confidently say SHE IS THE REAL DEAL.

Before I started working with Christy, I was in a mind of chaos, stuck in my past stories, in what happened to me, emotionally and financially. I experienced muscle and bone pain. After working with her, through QSCA (Christy’s Coaching Academy), I have got the clarity and the awareness of how a powerful creator I Am. she helped me shift my mind set from what I don’t want to what I want, from lack to abundance, from fear to trust, she taught me how to release, surrender and receive. Christy’s work helped me heal my pains, I have got a real breakthrough.

Because of her knowledge, my life changed 360 degrees, I am now a confident coach, I have all the tools & Codes to help myself and my clients create the ideal life we desire.

I feel blessed and grateful for Christy.

– Jacqueline M. Tabrizi

“I have experienced a large shift in my energy working with Christy and the Council of light. I used to react often.”

Now, the few times I react I catch myself and then can get out of it. This alone feels so freeing. I feel so much joy, calm, peace, love and gratitude. My relationship with my family is so much better. Christy and the Council of light has also helped my son who is 23 years old. Since the age of 7, my son experience episodic dizziness, neck and back pain. In the short period of time since they worked on him, my son has had huge improvements. He hasn’t had a dizzy episode and the pain in his neck and back is about 60-70% better! He is doing amazing! I will be forever grateful for all they have done for my son. I am confident that I will have abundance in all areas of my life because of Christy and the Council’s Quantum Energy lessons. They are amazing teachers! Christy is one of the most authentic, honest, fun, caring and intuitive coach/teacher I ever had. She is an amazing. I am so grateful I found her.

June Smolin

“I have experienced how I´m so much more connected after working with Christy & The Council.”

I have so many more tools to use when I get disconnected and I have got so many insights about myself.

I feel so much joy from being a part of the QEM program I am a new improved version of myself.

I love my life and myself in a way that I didn’t do before and I work with my true life partner and can hear the messages I get more clearly now due to all the inner work we did in the QEM program.

I´m so grateful for Christy and The Council and look forward to doing more work in the future.

Matilda Elliott

“I have experienced constant awareness of my energy flow, control of my energy, connections with ma divine, align with the higher power, a lot of emotional and physical healing.

I feel blessed, loved, understood, cared for by being part of this program.

I love both parts of the program, the daily meditations allows me to focus on where to direct my energy and it has now become a second nature, and the weekly class helped me go deeper on understanding how the energy work and a huge opportunity to talk directly to the Council and ask them questions.

I am getting better and better every day, Christy and the Council is just a God send … literally.
Sooo grateful to Christy and the Council.

Much, much love and light.

Alimata Diallo

“As this extraordinary energy mastery series draws to an end, I want to thank Christy and the Council of Light for such life-affirming and life-enhancing instruction.”

I’m definitely not the same person I was four months ago. I’m more grounded and centered, and aware of my connection to my true Divine Partner and of my power to energetically influence and improve the four quadrants of my life (health and well-being, abundance, success, and loving relationships).

I am so blessed and so grateful to have participated and learned so much. Thank you!

These are seeds/nuggets that I know will continue to grow the rest of my life.

Lucie Haskins

“Christy has helped me learn what my soul already knows!”

I have been working with Christy in different aspects of her business off and on for a few years now.  Most recently I have done her monthly healing meditations, and it has helped me with business clarity and has helped reduce the anxiety I experience from everyday life.  I love waking up in the morning to Christy’s meditations, it helps me start my day out with peace and confidence, then I can face the day on purpose and with focus.  Her work has helped me tremendously in my own business both in my corporate life, as well as my own coaching business because I have learned, through her meditations, how to get in touch with my higher self and soul purpose.  Christy’s work helps me down to a cellular level – she has helped me learn what my soul already knows.

Christine Walker

“I have experienced an increase in clarity in my desires for all areas of my life.”

I now know I can be grateful for my current life while desiring to co-create an even better one. Contrast between what I desire and what I experience is easier to recognize and shift on a daily basis as a result of this program.

I feel grateful for my growth in all areas of my life by participating in the entire QEM program: both weekly classes and daily meditations. The constant immersion on a daily basis allowed me to make huge energy shifts and move forward during this time in the program.

I definitely recommend you consider taking the QEM class/meditation series.

Lois DeWaard

Thank you so much Christy for my new ME!"

Christy Whitman is just amazing!

Working with Christy helped me release fears, old disempowering beliefs and negative energy.

As an example, before it was challenging for me to spend one week with my family as they were quickly pushing my buttons. Today I can remain centered while I am in their presence, accept them as they are and, the most important thing, being at peace, appreciating and enjoying their presence.

I also became aware of my negative self talk. If before I was saying to myself “How silly/ stupid I was!” related to something I did, today I shifted my inner talk and I say “This was a good opportunity for me to grow and learn that…”. Now I am feeling empowered and not considering myself as silly or stupid anymore. This allows me to stay calm and see new possibilities and options instead of blocking on what I did wrong. Thank you so much Christy for my new ME!

– Carmen Draghici 

"I am master of my own energy!"

How can I put into words how much my life has changed since I began working with Christy Whitman? In 2015 my mother transitioned and 6 months later my husband transitioned. I felt as though my world had collapsed. And then I found Christy Whitman. I began my journey in the Quantum Success Coaching Academy in Fall 2016. Then when Christy offered 30-day meditations, I signed up for the second month they were offered in January 2017 and have being meditating every time she has offered these since that time. All of Christy’s programs that I’ve taken (QSCA, meditations, Light Body, Opening to Channel, Vice Freedom, and Sacred Circle Of Light) have helped propel me into the joyful life that I live today. I was honored to witness Christy’s first channeling of the Council Of Light and these beings are truly amazing and have helped me in more ways than I can begin to explain. I feel truly happy. I have firmly planted both feet in the boat of loving my life as it is now in this moment, and I am looking forward to a future filled with love, happiness, and joy, because Christy has taught me so very well that I am master of my own energy. Thank you so very much!

– Georgia Stewart

“The most important thing I have taken from the classes so far is a constant sense of peace and well being.”

I deal with stressful situations much more calmly now (Not that I panicked before but now I approach things with the inner determination and knowledge that everything is fine or will be). And I am waaaay more strongly connected to my inner self and the spiritual realm.

I’ve noticed that I’m happier and at peace. I’m also taking light body so I’m not sure how to distinguish the difference between results! But I am finding things are manifesting easier and I’m more optimistic- my optimism has a basis rather than blind faith optimism if that makes sense! Absolutely, I would recommend this program!

A. Kirkwood

“Having worked with Christy changed my life. Even when I am confronted with big challenges in life, I know how to navigate with more ease and flow and quickly turn situations in a positive direction.”

I have throughout the past 6 years, after I first started working with Christy, integrated lots of tools and processes and awareness that makes me feel more alive, more expansive and capable to make a huge impact in other’s life as well. Been through many of her courses and now a Master Certified Coach by her I can from the bottom of my heart say that Christy is a caring teacher. She always delivers more than her promise.

I built so much confidence and skills that I now have written two books that became Amazon bestsellers. One of them Christy wrote the foreword to and it has also been endorsed by Marianne Williamson. When you say yes to learn to work with the Law of Attraction and energy everything is possible.

Charlotte Friborg

“I have experienced more flow and light in my life as a result of working with Christy and the Council of Light. I am able to see and recognize contrast more clearly.”

I have been more centered and grounded and able to hear and respond to and trust my inner guidance.

I have released all medications from my life. I no longer need antidepressants, adderall, and melatonin. I am overjoyed! My 6 year old son no longer needs melatonin gummies to help him sleep. He asks me to put lavender essential oil on his body and in his hair every night and he sleeps well. It used to take him 1 hour to fall asleep prior to giving him melatonin and now he goes right to sleep. Yay! Huge win!

I feel aligned and connected, lighter and more free. I am experiencing more awareness and presence in the moment. I have released layers and am making peace with my past. I am more open to connecting with people and have had more than 10 new friendships start or old friendships rekindled within the last 2 weeks of the program.

I am confident that my life has profoundly changed and I have shifted tremendously. My light is brighter than ever and I am able to help so many more people from a higher vibe place.

I love how committed Christy Whitman is to her clients and how held that I was in this program. Having the Council of Light to ask for guidance and help 24/7 was a huge gift! Her amazing staff are such a delight to work with and very attentive to my needs. I love the convenience of having meditations and classes to review as much as I want. The meditations plant seeds of opportunity and possibility and guide me into pure bliss!
I am divinely blessed to have been a part of this amazing experience! I have the highest praise for Christy and appreciate the shining example that she is. Love you Christy! ️

Rhonda Richard

“I’d just like to start by saying how grateful I am to Christy and the Council of Light for the Quantum Energy Mastery experience!”👍🙏😃

I definitely feel a shift in my day to day living…

  1. I’m more aware and conscious of the choices I make
  2. my eating and drinking habits have improved
  3. I notice subtle differences in my relationship with my husband
  4. I practice gratitude more and now use daily affirmations
  5. I know that the Divine is within me and only a breath away

I’ve been meditating for about 7 years but I love the guided ones from Christy and the Council and all of the insights and processes that we’ve done. I intend to start them all over again to get a deeper knowing and feel that energy connection.

I really loved the classes and that they touched on the key elements of life…some of it seemed like I already know this stuff (from a deeper part of me?) but I doubt I would have uncovered it on my own. I’m grateful that I can go back for a refresher whenever I need it!

I particularly enjoyed the Council answering the questions at the end of each class. I related to many of the questions and appreciated the answers/guidance/healings that they provided.

Part of me will miss the weekly class and learnings but I feel that I’m ready to continue to practice all I’ve learned…by staying aligned, and activating my faith portal to my strength, wisdom and love!💝

I’m so very grateful for the abundant life I’m already living and I’m excited for the abundance that is on its way to me‼️😃

I would highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to become more conscious and expand their connection to the Divine!

With love and gratitude,🙏😘


“Since taking the Energy Mastery Course and working with Christy and the Council of Light, I have experienced freedom, power and authenticity.”

I now know myself as the Divine. I feel Truth and joy, feel more empowered, freer and more connected or aligned with my True Source.

This has truly been a life-changing experience for me; and I feel blessed and grateful every day by being part of this program. I have noticed that I have now returned to Self-Love, and am also more loving and compassionate towards others. I have a bigger awareness and am more understanding of circumstances and situations. Therefore, there is less blame. I take responsibility with less judgment of situations and others.

I am confident that I AM a worthy soul and loved unconditionally by the Divine because of the Quantum Energy Mastery program.

I definitely recommend this class and meditation series to others, and I can honestly say it is worth every penny of it! I was hesitant at first to sign up for the meditation series since it was a daily meditation for four whole months, as I am normally not one who would sit down and meditate daily. I sure was glad I made that commitment because the meditations kept me connected on a daily basis to my Divine Self and it made a whole lot of difference as it allowed for integration.

One more thing that I loved about the Quantum Energy Mastery program is that I was able to interact directly with the Council of Light and have the Council get to know me personally. That was special!!

Patricia Lai

“The QEM experience is more than just learning. It is an opportunity to grow and heal, in ways you probably don’t even realize is necessary or possible.”

Christy is a passionate teacher and The Council are wise and patient. Together they lovingly offer guidance and healing to individuals who ask for it, but amazingly each of us in the group receives exactly what we need every week, even without asking.

Inviting Christy and The Council into my life is one of the most important decisions I’ve ever made. The ideas they teach aren’t just ideas anymore.

After my second time through the QEM, I find I don’t need to remind myself so much to practice love, joy and peace – I am becoming them. I AM LOVE, I AM JOY, I AM PEACE. And it shows in the creations in my life. I am becoming an Energy Master. I am the Powerful Creator of my life. Even just 3 years ago I couldn’t imagine saying that, let alone believing it, living it and truly experiencing my life as a creation that I love. But thanks to their healing and guidance I am a new person and I have an awesome new life, and, just as important, I know how to continue this fantastic journey into even more Love and Light and beautiful creations!

I thank you, Christy and The Council, from the very core of my Being.

With so much love and gratitude.

Amy Sillers

“I would like to thank Christy and the Council Of Light for the amazing gift the Quantum Energy Mastery class gave me. It was like coming home to someone I used to know.”

This class has been so wonderful I’m going to do it all again from the start. I know I can grow even further and follow my divine path.

This class is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. It was an investment in ME and well worth it. Any one who takes these classes can only grow more beautiful and enlightened. I have experienced so much personal growth and understanding by working with Christy and the Council of Light. I can see where people are misaligned and their misalignment is not my problem. I have learned to trust myself again in the decisions I make. My life is more positive and full of love.

I feel that by being a part of this program, I took one of the most substantial steps in my life. The knowledge, gifts from Christy and the Council of Light, of Love and security, promise of great futures has been more than I can absorb at times. I went back to the first mediation in April 2019. As I listened, I realized how much my life has really changed since the first day. Every time I re-listen to a meditation I get even more than the first time. I am confident that because of the QEM program I will continue to grow and be one with my Divine self. She is such a wonderful person.

I loved the month of May, the most in the QEM program. The gift of healing. I recently found out I have an autoimmune disease. As I sat and processed what the doctor had said, I heard my Divine self say “Go back. Do it again. Use the tools you have given to heal yourself.”

Thank you, Christy and the Council of Light, for all the tools you have given me.

Kathy Stoner

"The Quantum Energy Mastery program helped me to realize that I can be the Energy Master of all my relationships, my career, my finances, my desires, my body and my life experience."

“The weekly classes helped me to understand all aspects of my life on a deeper level and the daily meditations which reinforced the class teachings, and provided many tools to release lower level energies, helped me to shift from what I didn’t want to experience to what I did want. I loved that the Council of Light often gave part or all of the meditation, to help me shift or release what I didn’t want in my life experience. The whole program helped me to reprogram my whole life to experiencing more love, joy, peace, freedom, abundance, health and vitality. I would recommend this program to anyone who wishes to be a deliberate creator rather than living life by default.”

– Helma Nolte

"I’ve now done the Vice Freedom Challenge, Abundance meditations and the Loving Relationship meditation this year alone. "

“Wow!! I feel like a whole new person since working with Christy and the council of light. Just having a practice everyday to continuously shift my vibration and energy. The energy is so powerful and truly does create shifts that have been life challenging for me. I’ve manifested and called in so many wonderful things this year too! I can’t thank Christy and the council enough for their love, support and healing. Thank you!”

– Andrea

“I have been reflecting on how this Energy Mastery Experience has influenced me over the last number of months and I just want to express my sincere gratitude.”

When I heard about the Quantum Energy Mastery Experience, I knew at every level of my being that I wanted to be a part of it. Even though I had also just started the QSCA and questioned if I had the time, I knew it was actually perfect timing and I was going to go ahead with this opportunity. When I look back now, I am so grateful I said yes because this time together has been a shining light for me each week and is exactly why I want to continue with another session because I don’t yet feel complete with this experience. I’m honestly not sure how much I have shifted in the time since these classes began and I realize I have a lot of shifting opportunity yet to explore. I sense that my shifts have been deep and subtle. I have experienced various times of contrast over these months and do feel that I have handled them with more trust and faith and less fear and worry, which used to steer most of my life. I have a new relationship with the migraines that I used to claim as mine and I continue to move them out of my physical experience. The class content resonates with me deeply, as I know my inner self already knows everything being taught, and the time with the Council is magical in how it brings out just what you need to hear no matter who asks a question or even what question is asked. I still can’t get over it. I leave many calls thinking or saying out loud “I love this stuff!” because it feels so good. That is what I am most grateful for – realizing how delicious it feels to be vibrating at the highest levels of love and energy. Because I have experienced this on the calls, I now know where I am meant to vibrate as much as possible. It’s like having an “ah ha” moment of what you are trying to achieve on an energy level. I’m not sure I could “feel” what that was before this class and the meditations opened my awareness. It’s incredible. Nothing in life excites me more right now than having these conversations and being in this energy frame of mind!

Christy, thank you so, so much for offering this experience, for sharing your wisdom and love and for living your purpose in a way that inspires us to do the same! Thank you, Council, for your light, love, guidance and support! I send love and light back to you and I’m excited about where we go next!

Laura Thomas

“I highly recommend the Quantum Energy Mastery experience. I had a huge aha moment right from the very first class.”

This is the one program I’ve done that I’ve never missed a class and made sure to be available for it live. I loved the opportunity to get to commune with the Council and ask them questions each week. During the four months I encountered enhanced relationships with family members and received a new platonic male friend I hang out with weekly. My massage therapist has informed me that during the last four months we’ve been able to go deeper in my massages. Where I once wasn’t able to tolerate much except for the lightest of Swedish massages, which had been that way for years, I’m now able to tolerate a deep tissue massage. That was unthinkable before this experience. One of my goals for the program was to be and stay centered during the time my mom is on hospice during her final days. I’ve definitely met that goal with his program, and my mom’s health has improved enough that she’s still with me today. Before the QEM experience, I was not someone who meditates. While I didn’t do 100% of the meditations, I did do about 75% of them. Some meditations left me in a state of deep gratitude and appreciation with many happy tears. I would recommend QEM to anyone who wants a higher-level connection with the universe, wants to connect with their divine self or just wants to expand the mind and knowledge of how the universe works. Some of the insights I’ve gained have been mind-blowing to me. Give yourself this gift!

Mary Magouirk

“I discovered Christy and the Council last fall and I knew in my heart that I had to work with them.”

My first opportunity was the Quantum Energy Mastery program. Over 4 months, I learned how to master my own energy and vibration and change my outlook on life happening around me. I continue to go back to the meditations, materials and recorded sessions to remind myself and make a habit of choosing my thoughts, feelings and emotions. I have always been someone who reacted strongly to situations in my life, both good and bad. I have learned to process my emotions and choose how I feel and also find the lessons in those situations that I don’t enjoy. It’s a process that has changed my life.

I spent the majority of my life depressed and waiting for it to end. I now give thanks and appreciation to Christy and the Council for coming into my life. I am forever changed. I look forward to every day with excitement for what I will experience and learn. I am teaching my children to master their own energy to create the life they want and I look forward to sharing my experiences with others so they can do the same.

In addition to Quantum Energy Mastery, I participated in the Healing Event which knocked my socks off. I also continue to participate in the monthly meditations. They have become a daily part of my life that I cherish and look forward to.

I am forever grateful for Christy and the Council. I am not the same person I was a year ago, a week ago, or even a day ago because of the knowledge, wisdom and healing I have experienced with them. Many, many, many thanks for all you do!

Lori Mezzanotte

“Sometimes you are drawn to people, places, programs, or events outside your realm yet quite appealing.”

You decide to join that new group or program that changes your life. Synchronistically, other situations begin to appear. You move forward, expanding your knowledge and horizons, never realizing how this new-found information will benefit you in the future. Then one day, the inevitable happens. Your spouse becomes ill and eventually passes. You have not finished grieving when you are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and begin to fight for your life. Finally, you realize that the programs you took, the people you met, were critical to your survival. That is precisely the impact that Christy Whitman and her programs have had in my life. If I had not been trained in the universal principles and taught how to harness their power, I would not be sharing this story with you today.

Elena Goycoechea

“As a Therapist and Results Oriented Coach, I have always been drawn to powerful and loving mentors who can make a big difference for my clients and myself.”

Several years ago, I completed Christy Whitman’s QSCA Coaching Program, which inspired me to create a 1K Healing Program that consisted of Ho’oponopono Healing and the Law of Attraction. After working with Christy one-on-one, she energetically and physically helped me manifest my Radical Change Coaching Academy, where I get to teach my coaches how to help clients make Big Changes Quickly with some powerful coaching tools, the gift of Ho’oponopono Healing and the pure positive energy that comes from Mastering Energy! I continued with Christy’s Light Body course and her Energy Mastery Program, which has guided me to be more in touch with my own soul and Inner Spirit that guides me to be aligned with all my deepest desires and dreams. This past summer, I was invited to participate in her latest program and movement called The Desire Factor. It’s not just a book or just a program. It’s a needed and healing experience for all who are open to accepting, loving and calling forth into manifestation your deepest and most personal desires in life, love, family, friends and business. Through the years, I have had the honor and gift to journey with Christy as a powerful and committed mentor, as well as a friend and partner in spreading love, light and healing to this world and all those that are ready for love and abundance! I am grateful and blessed for this journey with Christy and all her programs that always deliver more than I asked for or expected. If you are yearning for more, looking to make a bigger difference or ready to live your best life I recommend you sign up for any one of her programs.

Dr. Mary Ozegovich

“I have experienced a new calmness and a new peace about life in general, and when upsetting things come up. “

For example, when I get 38 texts in an hour at 3 am in the morning ( I didn’t see them until much later in the day) from a family member who trys to bushwack me with every interaction, I can read through the texts without getting upset or personally involved.. They have a way of saying so many things in an underhanded way, blaming-between-the-lines. I have quit replying to these texts and requests for phone calls because there does not seem to be any resolution that will come out of them. I don’t try to figure out a way to “fix” things or to try to explain things, or to correct perceptions. I note what they are focusing on so I know where they were at the moment and move on. I understand now that I can only change things in myself and my perception. I have even done some soul connecting with them, and was amazed at how well that went! soul connecting is not the same as trying to make sense of them in-person, which I try to avoid. It helps that we do not live near each other, and the only contact right now is texts. I have even moved away from the guilt of not having a close relationship with this person, they are family, we should be in a loving relationship, except the reality is that the relationship is toxic, not loving. I am so grateful for Christy and her willingness to be used by the Council to teach and heal us. I hope to learn much more from them in the future.

Ariel Yarger

“My experience with Christy and the Council over the last four months, doing the QEM the four modules, has been truly amazing.”

I am an energy master. I am love. I am empowered. I am abundant. I am successful. I am loved. these are some of the feelings I felt and still feel going through the experience. The knowledge I’ve gained, the certainty, the tools and process I’ve been shown and practiced have gave me even deeper insights into myself. I have more clarity, understanding and knowledge about my being, my potential, my life, my experience on this planet, of the universe and the depths and layers of everything in between. mind boggling information that leaves you speechless and at the same time leaves you with the sense, the feeling of coming home to yourself, a knowing within that sparks the remembering of who we truely are.
I have no doubt that I am a channel of light with a message to share and the faith that it will all unfold as it will. I will keep showing up for myself, saying yes. This is the confidence I’ve gained going through the QEM experience.
I’ve loved the whole experience, I’ve loved working with Christy. I delight in the fact that like attracts like, working with Christy and the council is life changing, truly – life skills for ever because once you know, there is no unknowing. Forever in Gratitude.

Jane Walters

“Through the QEM experience I have expanded my thinking, and most importantly my feelings, about how the world works.”

The live sessions with Christy kept me engaged and access to The Council provided a source for asking about what was on my heart, although I quite possibly learned even more from the questions of others. The daily meditations are P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L. Over the past four months I have shifted to being more confident, more loving, more at peace, and less connected to the drama of others. Thank you Christy and The Council for illuminating the path to self knowledge and abundance. It is a beautiful beginning…

Donna Coffin

“I’ve followed Christy for a few years and really fell in love when I was able to audit the QSCA.”

But when I made the commitment to explore Quantum Energy Mastery, I noticed a significant shift in my life for the better. It was like a light went on and I was really able to start making changes for myself and my family. I will be eternally grateful and will be a lifelong follower of Christy and her work.

Elizabeth Langer

“I am so very grateful for the tools and love and the divine alignment I have learned and received from both Christy and the Counci”

Learning about the processes of the drama triangle, letting go of the roles within and then learning to live and come from the circle of love is life changing and truly amazing.

After experiencing a life changing trauma and beating myself up for so long, I finally learned that it was the energy of compassion and love for myself which are the most significant and beneficial forces of energy to allow divine alignment for healing that I could have ever asked for or experienced for myself.

I am so grateful with love and light for Christy Whitman and the Council!

Lori Houle

“I found Christy in 2009 and my life has never been the same.”

I completed the QSCA that year. My goal was to learn how to use the LOA processes to create a business that would incorporate my nursing degree. I never missed a class; I worked fulltime as Director of Nursing in a long term care facility and took the classes at night. I began using the processes Christy was teaching and doing the meditations. I began journaling and fast foward a few years; I left the snow for sunny days; I own a successful Clinical Research Site, I have a beautiful office with a spectacular view, I’m madly in love with my husband/best friend, and my kids turned out amazing. By using the processes ( journaling before and after meditation with intention is my favorite) I stopped living in fear and anxiety that was not allowing me to achieve my goals.
Christy is amazing in her delivery of Law of Attraction Teachings. She has a real everyday spin on LOA that offers techniques for our daily lives. Now 21 years later I have new goals and Christy introduces us to the Council. Oh yesssss!!!! The Council takes us where few Humans have gone. The Council explains the truths with such clear delivery for all to understand. The meditations that the Council takes us thru are powerful and leave you feeling Superhuman. I just completed the Vice Freedom Program for the second time( it was amazing !) The Divine Codes and Divination meditations were awesome. By opening my Faith portal The Council helped me release blocks of worry that were holding me back from Joy. I now feel in Joy more often than ever. I recently signed up for the Vice Freedom Extension with the Council and the Playing with Light meditations for February (I can’t get enough of the Council). I love The Quantum Energy Mastery Membership Site that stores the recordings of the programs, events & meditations taken with Christy & The Council for easy access at any time. That is priceless; there is an incredible amount of information and meditations. I’m excited every day to see where the Council will take us next. Christy, thank you for opening up so much of yourself to us, you truly are an amazing human. I love you girl.

Maria Gallagher-Ballester

“For most of my adult life, I have wondered why I was not provided with a manual to navigate this human experience.”

I felt angry about this, why was I blindly sent to this earth plane with no information to successfully navigate a purposeful, peaceful earthly existence. Quantum Energy Mastery is the manual I have been wanting for years. Christy and the Council explain the setup, how the energy and the contrast work to define our earthly existence, and how we can choose to handle our energy to create the life we want. Everyone needs this course!

Wendy Carlin

“SO much has changed and shifted for me in the year i have been working with Christy and the Council! My entire life is different. “

Experiencing QEM and putting all the knowledge to daily application in my life has made me know me for the first time in my life and have confidence in who I am.
Ive been able to release the binds and ties of really intense family indoctrination that had kept me thinking i was unworthy, incapable, even stupid!
I have found my own voice and my own mind for really the first time in my life. Life became incredibly rocky and difficult when my dear Clarence died in January and yet something has given me the strength and wisdom to persevere and move through it with such grace that everyone I know has remarked on it. I feel physically stronger! Mentally clearer and so full of love that i’m just beaming it out all the time. If during my day I feel unsure of myself I simply open up my channels to bring in more light and call on Council for support as I breathe into my divine and whatever little waver I felt is instantly gone. I am sleeping through the night again and waking rested and up first thing in the morning for a meditation and to start it all over again with extreme joy!!! Bless you all and thank you a million times over!

Althea Duffy

“Working with Christy and The Council has been nothing short of life-changing.”

I first started with 30 Days of Meditation, then I did the Vice Freedom Challenge, and now I’m nearly finished with Quantum Energy Mastery. Each program has built and expanded on the other.

Quantum Energy Mastery has delivered every piece of information at exactly the right time and in exactly the right way (funny how that happens, right? 🙂
As we started the first month of your Divine Self as your Life Partner, we were entering more social isolation here in Austria. At a time when things could’ve felt isolating and scary, I felt more supported than ever.

In our second month about Our Bodies, I actually had to go through the process of having a biopsy and surgery to remove a tumor. The meditations and focus on the health of our vessel were immensely valuable while navigating what had always been one of my biggest fears (going through the medical system in a foreign language).

The third month of Prosperity helped focus my energy on all of the abundances around me, and it challenged me (in the best way) to have faith in divine timing and that all really is well – as we were navigating production slowdowns due to COVID and increased interest in our products, all while still recovering from surgery and going into lockdown! It gave me tons of new perspectives and really set the tone for the final month.

Our fourth month of Relationships really did tie everything together, and I feel that it completely built on what we’d learned in Vice Freedom (and I’m sure if I’d done this course first followed by Vice Freedom, I’d still feel the same way since each time is a deepening). I’ve found immense love for myself, and it’s already helped me heal a relationship with a family member and one of my oldest friends.

There are still two weeks to go, and I can only feel even more excited about what is to come. This was a fantastic way to end 2020, which had given us so many opportunities to see the contrast, practice having faith and compassion for ourselves and others. I’m ending the year more hopeful and peaceful than I’ve ever felt before.

Thank you, Christy and The Council!

Ginger Turner

“I’ve thoroughly and deeply enjoyed my experience with Christy and the Council. I feel more joy, balance and self-esteem, which reflects itself on everything in my life. “

The daily meditations are powerful and have created a deeper spiritual connection and a practical understanding of energy, that I am using every day, every moment. I love our weekly classes and the “high and happy” energy that Christy and the Council bring every time. I’m so happy I made the decision to invest in myself, even though I first had doubts about whether I had the time and/or the money to participate. I’m so glad I did, this is life-changing! Quantum Energy Mastery has given me such momentum and confidence stepping forward into creating my dream-life. I feel so grateful and blessed.

If you want to change your life, health, relationships and finances, this will teach you the necessary tools needed to turn your desires into manifestation. I can already see and feel that I’m well on my way to a more fulfilling life on all levels and I can’t wait to see what else will manifest!

Tua K

“I grew so much during my time with Christy and The Council.”

I feel so much more connected and whole than any other time in my life and am receiving that reflection back from friends I haven’t seen in a while too. Christy is so relatable, like a good friend, and the way she teaches just makes sense. The Council helped me navigate some big challenges in my life and I am coming out of my experience much more grounded, strong, loving and in harmony in so many aspects of my life. I am sad the class is over!

Sarah Dunn

“I have greatly benefited from all the monthly Meditation, Energy Healing, and Energy Mastery because it led me to manifesting two of my personal requests that are closely met during the month of March.”

It excited me that I am flourishing, healing, feeling peaceful, and expanding to the next level. Your programs are astounding and I would highly recommended to anyone to participate your powerful programs.

Bette Wilder

“I have loved to participate in this program.”

I use the skills I’ve learned every day when managing my energy. Before the program, I didn’t know how to process energy when dealing with other people and how to think. Now I place the energy outside my body instead of keeping it inside and it has made a huge difference in my life. Thank you, Christy and the Council for your guidance and for sharing your knowledge.

Matilda Orrling


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